Welcome to my website about a Globecar Campscout that my hubby and I purchased new in April 2018

We've owned campers and motorhomes since 1995 including classic campers, a self-converted
ambulance, coachbuilt motorhomes and more recently panel van conversions.  

I fettle and adapt vehicles to our needs and below is a list of some of the things I've done which others may find useful with more details of some of the work/changes on the Services & AV and Other Stuff pages. 

I try to make changes which are reversible so the camper can be put back in its original condition for
future sale, or if not then so that they can remain in place but don't look out of place.

This website is still a work in progress and I'll add/update as and when I do things. 

If you wish to reproduce/copy any of the content please ask me first via email.


email:  piggywiz@gmail.com


  • Globecar Campscout 2017 model registered April 2018

  • Fiat Ducato XLWB Maxi Heavy chassis

  • 2298 cc (150 bhp) diesel engine

  • 120 litre long range fuel tank

  • 4250 kg MTPLM (Private Heavy Goods Vehicle classification) instead of the usual 3500kg 

  • Payload of 1255 kg (instead of 505kg)


  • Fitted a Fiamma F65S black awning and front mudflaps; moved the sliding door stop further back to allow it to open more; fitted an awning light above the sliding door and put on 'paw' stickers/mirror reflector strips etc

  • Lined all cupboard, drawers, shelves & rear ‘garage’ with non-slip material.

  • On the sliding door I fitted 2 storage pockets which are ideal for doggy bags, umbrellas, shopping bags etc and also a chrome handle to aid pulling the door closed.  Moved the sliding door stop further back so the door now opens wider.

  • Adapted a baby gate to fit across the sliding door to prevent my dogs getting out when the door is opened.

Gas / Electric / Other Kit

  • Installed 2 x 11kg Gaslow cylinders, pipes etc with external filler in rear corner cover/bumper.

  • Fitted 12v LED light in cab, and 12v sockets in cab, over dinette, near over-bed TV and at nearside bed head.

  • 2 new leisure batteries were fitted by the dealer under the driver's seat but these were lead acid which the charger doesn't support so they were changed for gels.

  • Fitted a rear view camera below the rear bumper with a monitor which simply clips over the existing rear-view mirror.  

  • Modified the wiring for the radio so it doesn't need the ignition on to use it; fitted a cab battery level display.

  • Fitted 2 x 100w semi-flexible solar panels along with a Votronic Duo 250 solar controller (MPPT) (charges both cab and leisure batteries).


  • Replaced the original low kitchen tap with my own taller one; sealed the rear/side of the worktop & put rubber edging round the rear and side of the worktop extension. 

  • Fitted storage baskets/tubs behind sink with suction cups/Velcro, and tray storage/splash back at the side; put in a kitchen roll holder and fitted tea/coffee/sugar canisters on a shelf and utilised the gap/slot under the fridge to store larger chopping boards etc. 

  • Cut up large thin flexible plastic chopping boards and used white-tac to attach them to the sides and rear of the kitchen drawers to fill the top gaps and prevent stuff being pushed over into rear of the unit.  

  • In the wardrobe below the fridge I've fitted a shelf & door racks as it is used as a larder/store, also fitted a magnetic catch so that the door stays shut when stationery without having to keep it locked. 

  • Fitted a removable waste bin on the step below the offside bed;


  • Put metal racks/shelves in the upper lockers; put up photos, clock, mirror, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher, fire blanket etc.  

  • Placed a protective cover on the table and mounted a storage bin underneath. 

  • Removed the original protruding cab seatbase backs and fitted flat ones, placed a storage basket behind the driver's seat and storage pockets on the rear of both seats. 

  • At the front of the cab seats behind the drop down access grill I attached some plastic netting and foam to stop dog hairs, fluff etc getting in there.


  • Fitted a wall mounted soap dispenser, toilet roll holder, hooks, baskets and first aid kit; put a shelf in the upper cupboard and lined both upper and lower cupboards with non-slip material.

  • Put up a battery operated PIR light so using the washrooms doesn't need the main light switching on at night.

Underbed area

  • Made a raised storage area under the beds; fitted straps and netting under the bed slats for storing longer items; fitted a PIR light.

  • Made a laundry slot below the off-side bed with a large collection bag hung underneath.

  • Fitted a large access hatch/door to an area of inaccessible storage behind the gas locker and a smaller round hatch to the side of the gas locker (so that I can turn off the gas without having to open the locker door).  

  • Rear doors - on the nearside one I put on brackets and straps to hold a table and small stool, on the offside one I fitted 2 storage racks which are used for the hose pipes and connectors.


  • I fitted carpet Aldi’s external patio carpet to the main habitation area (the carpet is a nice green colour and being lighter weight than indoor carpet it will make taking it out to shake/brush and put back easier); I also shaped a dirt grabber mat to sit on the shower tray cover.  

  • I made covers for the dinette seat and fitted fluffy leopard print covers to the cab seats.

  • I hung a pair of thermal curtains on a rail across the rear doors along with voile nets on a curtain pole; cut down 2 memory foam mattress toppers to fit the single beds and altered bedding sets I'd bought to fit the slightly narrower than normal single beds making sheets with the excess material.

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